Behavioural intelligence refers to the application of human behavioural insights in a given context to better understand, predict and influence outcomes.

In our Protective Services division, the application concerns mitigating human-borne threat and risk — across both physical and digital domains.

Enabling our clients to:
1.Accurately assess the credibility and reliability of key personnel, partners and other stakeholders;
2.Anticipate and disrupt hostile intent;
3.Transform their staff into behavioural intelligence sensors, thereby enabling organisations to predict threats and mitigate risk at scale.
4.Utilise communication strategies and tactics to influence favourable outcomes.

Reading People to leading people:
Role and target specific awareness training for immediate applicability and impact.

Evaluating behavior:
Develop the basis for your Protective Service mindset.

Aligning with people and their communication:
Understand and utilise the language of your audience/ target.

Developing & Delivering Persuasive Communication:
Refine and polish your in-person assessment, engagement and persuasion capabilities.

Professionals find learning easy and enjoyable when everything they learn is immediately applicable and has a positive impact on themselves, their role, and their team.

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