Trade secrets, intellectual property and other confidential information often constitutes a high-performing business’s most critical assets; its key determinant of strategic advantage and commercial success.

Hostile state actors and competitors will go to considerable lengths to steal and otherwise acquire such assets, often using illegal and highly unethical means.

Our Corporate Counterintelligence division leverages human behavioural insights to detect and disrupt hostile collection threats.

Our primary area of focus being the protection of IP and trade secrets.

Physical and technical security infrastructure is widely accepted as a potential company vulnerability. But generally little-to-no consideration is given to ‘human infrastructure’ and the means by which an organization’s people can be exploited to bypass even the most sophisticated control measures.

A ‘human-centric’ attack on a company seeks to manipulate people with legitimate and privileged access into disclosing highly sensitive and commercially valuable information, without any need to penetrate physical or technical defences. The impact can be severe and long term.

By providing specialist training and consultancy services, we help organizations to address this issue.

Mission: Enabling organizations to safeguard and secure their people, assets and bottom line against human-centric hostile collection threats.

Protecting your crucial intellectual assets with
1.Role specific training against targeted hostile collection efforts/ threats
2.Processes and tools for spotting and stopping hostile collection efforts conducted against your organization.
3.Providing your organization's Leadership with the awareness and ability to lead intellectual property protection initiatives.
4.Short term and tactical staffing solutions to bolster your defence of IP/ trade secrets.

As a human intelligence operator in the CIA, I have observed that many of those who recruit human sources of intelligence within the corporate world tend to overlook counter-intelligence.

For multinational corporations, my knowledge of cross-cultural communications, adult learning, espionage and counterintelligence  provides us with the unique ability to connect and meet the needs of divisional leaders and by implication the need of high performance organisations. “Defense wins championships”.

– Kent Clizbe

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