We enable our client’s to persuade and influence high value individuals and teams by:

1.Profiling then effectively interpreting language & behavior2.Simultaneously evaluating & aligning communication to maximize rapport3.Building trust and empathy as a means of establishing influence4.Optimizing communication to achieve cooperation.

Our Foundational Principle

Elite level influence & persuasion is based on having an elite level read of the Subject.

Our MissionTo humanise the field of behavioral profiling, influence and persuasion ensuring any reasonably intelligent person can utilise what has previously been an elite-level skill set.
Our PurposeOur clients utilise only relevant people reading, persuasion and influence skills in a way which effectively promotes and protects their personal and professional interests.
Our ValuesTrust, Courage & Commitment to Excellence
About You

You’re achievement driven and understand that when all things are equal, it’s the relationship you’re able to develop, and the communication that you utilize which creates the compelling advantage.

Your drive for difference means you’ve consistently pushed yourself to learn and grow, you’re interested in what constitutes cutting edge and realize that the best people reader in the room is usually the people Leader in the room.

How can we fast track the development of an individual’s mind and skillset to that of a profiler’s mind and skillset, whilst reducing the typical time frame of study by a minimum of 50%? We needed to innovate, read more about our services & offers.

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